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Outreach Zimbabwe is an organization that seeks to promote the welfare and networking of schools through Information Communication Technology (I.C.T). In essence we are a grouping of professionals from various information communication technology fields coming together to offer aid to schools in form of Information technology service and materials required for their development. Our main thrust is on creating a consolidated networking of all stakeholders that prompts a crucial participatory response in devising and sharing developmental strategies, thus charging schools and their communities to their own development.

OUTREACH ZIMBABWE supports this network through sourcing and discussion of I.C.T technical support, models for Infrastructure Development and Skills Development tailored to the particular needs of a school. This integrated network would then translate into an all-schools-online website that would bring information technology to schools and also present a platform networking for their development.

The vision of the organization is to see the creation of national framework that will enable ICT to contribute towards achieving national development goals and transform schools into knowledge-based society through the application of ICT and students to fully express one’s self and exploit opportunities at their disposal to better their future.