Terms and conditions

In booking an online course with us, you accept the following Terms of Booking:

1. A course is defined as a period of time on a single course .

2. A booking can consist of either a single course or a combination of courses.

3. When you make a booking, you must pay the full fee for the course. This is only refundable if you are dissatisfied with the course and contact us at support@outreachzimbabwe.org within one week of starting your course. You must not have completed more than any hour of study in order to receive a refund.

4. If you purchase another online course you must pay the full amount at the time of booking, less any repeat booking discount advertised.

6. It is not possible to cancel or postpone your course, apart from under the circumstances in point 3.

7. It is not possible to pause your course or take a holiday part way through your course.

9. Your course will start on the day indicated in your registration email, regardless of when you first log in to the course.

10. If you have come to us through an agent, their Terms of Contract may apply to you, but we reserve the right to apply our own Terms.

11. If a situation arises that has not been covered by these Terms, we reserve the right to take any fair and reasonable action that we think appropriate.

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